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Meet Ticola Spruill

 Life Coach

Where do I start?  I was so agitated, annoyed, and dissatisfied with my life.  I had this debilitating habit of seeing myself as a victim that I found so hard to break because everything in my life consistently confirmed the disempowering beliefs that I held about myself. 


I felt so hopeless because it seemed that there was always something pushing against me no matter how focused I was, or how hard I tried.   I would consistently hit a wall that I could not get over.  


I was so overwhelmed and tired of feeling stuck.  I had no hope for the possibility of me creating the type of results in my life that I deeply desired.   I knew that I needed to make a change, but I didn't know how to do it.


The Turning Point

My metamorphosis began after I hit my lowest state, where I was forced to confront my disempowering, unproductive ways and take full accountability for my choices.  I knew I had to stop searching for quick fixes and magic pills, take the time to slow things down, and thoroughly unpack who I had become and why I struggled to take my life in the direction I wanted.  I invested in personal development seminars and life coaches to help me see the parts of myself that were driving my behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that were blocking my success. 

With the help of a life coach, I became committed to my personal growth in a way I never had before.  Having an accountability partner really made the difference.  Over time, I developed a stronger, more positive mindset.  My clarity and confidence increased as I identified my unique gifts, connected to my core values, and discovered my purpose.  My life began to improve as my self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-value increased.  It became clear to me what decisions to make and what paths to take. 

With increased growth, the path of happiness, fulfillment, and success was within sight.  Which motivated me more.  I committed to a simple growth strategy that kept me on track.  I made sure that every choice I made would support my newly discovered alignment.  In time, I watched the old, depressed, exhausted, achievment-driven, person disappear as the new, energized, purpose-driven, conscious life designer emerged.


Today, I know how to create a life that works.  I understand how to conquer challenges with confidence, how to manage heavy demands with focus and clarity, and how to overcome adversity with grace.  Although my life is filled with many responsibilities and lots of activity, I'm able to stay in the driver's seat of my life.  I've implemented daily practices that are the foundation of my life, for instance, eating healthy, exercising, and meditation, to help me maintain my inner peace.   I've learned to take the time to celebrate myself and to just be grateful for the little things that may seem insignificant, but they are not.  Now I sashay joyfully, moment by moment, into my life, designed by me, on my terms.  


I have weaved together the best of all the wisdom systems that I've studied to create a beautiful mosaic that I call True North Life Design.  I help women who are tired of being overwhelmed, overlooked, and undervalued, to learn how to stop sacrificing their power and instead use it to get into the driver's seat of their life, so they can get their life back on track, and live unapologetically in their truth.   It would bring me so much joy to be able to guide you on your own awareness journey, out of the areas of your life where you feel stuck and into your best life so that you can experience the happiness, fulfillment, and success you deeply desire and deserve.


Let's Chat!  Schedule a consultation today so we can begin your transformative journey. 

The Road to Transformation

I had many challenging hills to climb.  My marriage was in jeopardy.  My finances were a hot mess.  For twelve years I stayed home to raise my five children.  I was entirely dependent upon my husband, and I was disappointed with the life we had created together.  I felt stuck.  I needed a path out of the psychological rut brought on by my day-to-day routine; which consisted of homeschooling, preparing meals, and keeping house for a husband and five stair-step children all two years apart.  

I did my best with what I had, but the weight of family life was crushing my dreams.  My response was to separate from my husband, as any good victim would. Only this created another challenge: being a single mother.  Prioritizing my role as a mother over a career woman was a no-brainer when I was in a happy, functional marriage, but not so much after the marriage fell apart.  Being a single mom was one of my greatest fears.  My mind could no longer justify having five children.  I had to figure this out fast, or the lingering depression was sure to hit the shores of my life like a tsunami.


My life was in disarray because of the mindset and deeply held limiting beliefs I had about myself.  I could not see anything wrong with my behaviors or choices, I blamed it all on the bad hand I was dealt in life.  Life was happening to me, not because of me.  I found it so difficult to take full accountability for my life because my inner compass told me that if you are a good person only good things will happen to you in life. I didn't understand that life did not work like that.  Eventually, I had to accept that I was the only reason my life was not improving because I was the only common denominator in it all.    


I had marital problems that I didn't know how to solve, so I took a couple of seminars on relationships.  I had problems with my finances that I didn't know how to improve, so I took seminars in money management.  I had no idea how I would enter into a new career path as a Hair Colorist and parent my five children, but I knew I had to do it.  So, I found a way to pay a nanny to help me parent my children.  All of this required sacrifice and discipline on my part. It required me to be committed to an intentional climb out of my circumstances, rather than a quick fix.  I successfully found a workable solution to every problem in my life.   Each good outcome motivated me to want to grow more.  


Next, I sacrificed frivolous spending on coffee and eating out with my coworkers daily.  This helped me to save money to invest in advanced educational training in New York, Chicago, Miami, and California with elite color educators. As my skills increased along with my understanding of the industry, I began to get noticed.  I began to do weekly makeovers on local news stations.  I was featured in local magazines and often quoted in the Baltimore Sun newspaper for my expertise as a Master Colorist.  I was stoked, finally, I was creating the type of success in my life that I knew I was capable of.   I was also able to transform my marriage into a functional parental partnership that allowed our children to adapt well to our decision to divorce.  We committed to being amicable for the common goal of the family.  


I stabilized my finances and established a healthy relationship with money that provided my family with security and an expansive quality of life.   My children developed beautifully, my money increased exponentially, my career soared, and my children's father and I learned to be better in parental partnership than marriage.


I am a mother of 5 wildly successful adults, and I am a successful coach who has coached thousands of clients for the last few 6 years.  It was a challenge to maintain life balance while raising children, growing a career a business, and doing my own self-improvement but I did it.  I didn't allow false narratives and limiting beliefs to prevent me from achieving my goals.  


I hold a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Ashford University and a B.Msc.(Bachelor of Metaphysical Science), from the University of Metaphysics International, as well as, a membership certificate from the IMM Counseling Psychology Association.  I am certified as a life coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I have completed numerous coaching certification programs in personal development, relationships, and productivity.  I do 1 on1 coaching three days a week, and I facilitate group sessions four times a month.  I have developed a number of group coaching programs that are predominantly focused on personal development, parenting, and relationships.  


Much of my transformation and success was driven by my total commitment to fulfilling one of my top values--excellence.  I am very committed to bringing that excellence to my life coaching practice.  I work with everyone, but I especially desire to work with women.  I believe that women have gotten busier over the decades and are, extremely overwhelmed and would benefit greatly if they had a greater sense of self-worth and understood how deeply powerful and important they are to the world.  I feel that feminine power is one of the solutions that will bring healing and equilibrium to our society, our places of work, and our relationships.  I want to help women who have never been taught how to walk in their power so they can bring balance, healing, connection, and love to their families and communities.


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